Case Studies

Learn more about how our technology sparked the success stories of those who have choses us.
Speed up your decision making process.

Discover Ethymo, switch from Search Engine to Insight Engine.
No supervision or
human intervention required

Blaze up document recognition process.

Draw on the combined potential of machine learning and AI BPM applied to structured and unstructured data, in one single integrated platform

Firedesktop has developed a unique solution of automatic reading of F24 forms via smartphone. The ability to create images recognition algorithms and to dialog with mainframe systems, led to a product able to manage at least 3 million users.

After a selection process which lasted over a year and involved all major international technology vendors, Ethymo®  was chosed as an Insight Engine for his drilling department. 

Firedesktop has developed a solution to automatically collect data from bundles of documents relating to deteriorated bank loans or NPL.

One of the most important players in the Intralogistic market, use Firedesktop to manage all decision making and document flows.