Information Technology

Product Flowbot

 Document Management

Firedesktop has developed a unique solution of automatic reading of F24 forms via smartphone. The ability to create images recognition algorithms and to dialog with mainframe systems, led to a product able to manage at least 3 million users.

Problem Statement

Make the phase of sending tax due documents to the bank easier, faster and safer, starting with the digital upload of documents on the servers and company frontends directly by the customer via specific app on a smartphone.

Value Delivered

Over three million users operate smoothly remotely, without clogging during peak periods.

Real Insight Engine

The Flowbot process

The capture engine can accommodate a virtually infinite number of documents

The search engine interprets, recognizes the document and extracts the required information.s

The information acquired pass to an evaluation phase based on both deterministic rules and on a neural network.s

Flowbot® can normalize the document by matching it based on local descriptors. s

the detection of the characters together with the document modeling allow to highlight extraneous writings and to process them in a personalized way.s