Speed up your decision
making process.


Discover Ethymo, switch from Search Engine to Insight Engine.
No supervision or human intervention required: improve your Document Understanding performance even with small data sets

Continuos Learning

Non stop learning process.
By adding new documents Ethymo's performance improves, thanks to incorporated continuous learning algorithms

All-round performance

Positive performance results in all setting conditions.
Ethymo is able to respond effectively even to small data sets, directly learning the specific language of different areas and markets during documents analysis

No human intervention  needed

System Proactivity.
Thanks to its AI supported search engine, Ethymo evaluates the specific context of the query and select relevant information only, making human intervention non-essential

Real Insight Engine

The Ethymo process

The documents are interpreted and broken down on various levels during the index phass

The identified levels extract a conceptual representation of the contents

The documents entered in the system contribute to the learning of the search engines

The manipulation of the information produced is organized in macro phasess

Ethymo analyzes user requests and tracks front-end operationss