Blaze up document
recognition process.


Draw on the combined potential of machine learning and AI BPM applied to structured and unstructured data, in one single integrated platform

Over 25 Microservices

Flowbot is an innovative suite that integrates:
State of the art BPM efficiency
ML + AI combined power
RPA rapidity of execution
Structured and unstructured data comprehension

Cloud-native adattabile On-prem

Flowbot is suitable for different needs and business structured.
Windows Linux and MAC
Container and Microservices
Application Server choice (IIS, Apache, NGIX)
Multiple Database

Wide range of document acquisition

Enhanced image capture
Flowbot completely masters computer vision algorithms, thus image acquisition, allowing to optimise the processing pipeline according to the specificities of each task

Real Insight Engine

The Flowbot process

The capture engine can accommodate a virtually infinite number of documents

The search engine interprets, recognizes the document and extracts the required information.s

The information acquired pass to an evaluation phase based on both deterministic rules and on a neural network.s

Flowbot® can normalize the document by matching it based on local descriptors. s

the detection of the characters together with the document modeling allow to highlight extraneous writings and to process them in a personalized way.s