Speed up your decision making process

Discover Ethymo, switch from Search Engine to Insight Engine. No supervision or human intervention required: improve your Document Understanding performance even with small data sets.

Discover Ethymo

Technical Data


Specific languages usage related problems solution


Process swiftness secured by an exclusive AI based engine

Self operating

No need for intervention to insert ontologies and imput executions

Continuous learning

Non stop learning process

By adding new documents Ethymo’s performance improves, thanks to incorporated continuous learning algorithms.

All-round performance

Positive performance results in all setting conditions

Ethymo is able to respond effectively even to small data sets, directly learning the specific language of different areas and markets during documents analysis.

No human intervention needed

System Proactivity

Thanks to its AI supported search engine, Ethymo evaluates the specific context of the query and selects relevant information only, making human intervention non-essential.

Real Insight Engine

The Ethymo process

Success Case


One of the most famous Italian startups, had to overcome the manual management of paper invoicing, in order to grow…

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Information technology

Firedesktop has developed a unique solution of automatic reading of F24 forms via smartphone. The ability to create images recognition…

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