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Compliance with regulatory requirements

Legal obligations relating to Law 185/90 are managed through a vertical software, based on Flowbot® platform.
For all national defense contracts, they manage:

  • lists of materials (with millions of rows for each order)
  • authorizations with the signature of administrative and functional managers
  • bundles of documents

Firedesktop has also supported Fincantieri in revamping some legacy software solutions to improve compliance with cybersecurity standards.

Problem Statement

Compliance of Sales, Contract, Execution and Financials and manage the related approval and executive phases more efficiently in all progressive steps, in full compliance with the very binding and complex legal requirements.

Value Delivered

Simplification of work, made more productive and tracked thanks to the automatic procedures implemented. Safeguarding from the risk of non-fulfillment due to errors and consequent very onerous economic and penal sanctions.

RPA to fuel your digital workforce

A platform that combines two integrated software, applying AI to RPA combined with Machine Learning, to revolutionize Business Process Management.