The efficiency revolution

We power up your decision-making processess with AI. Add value to unstructured data and boost the efficiency of your business

RPA to fuel your digital workforce

A platform that combines two integrated software and reshapes Business Process Management by applying AI to RPA paired with Machine Learning

The AI that optimises unstructured data management

Document Understanding powered by RPA and AI

An integration and enhancement system to boster document understanding.

Advance at the rate the market develops. Maximize your data value.

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The suite to monitor your Business Process Management effectiveness.

Flowbot is a platform that leverages its 25 built-in micro services and a powerful Document Recognition engine to execute a complete set of RPA functions capable of managing native and web based applications.


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The Insight Engine that furthers learning directly during Document Understanding.

Its AI supported search engine enables to evaluate in real time the specific context of query and select relevant information only.