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Document Management

One of the most important players in the Intralogistics market, use Firedesktop to manage all decision making and document flows.

Flowbot® Decision automation modules, BPMN Workflow and RPA manage:

  • more than 500,000 invoices on active and passive cycles
  • more than 30,000 reminders with automated decision-making
  • several RPA flows integrated in legacy software, such as SAP and Esker

Problem Statement

Make the company’s workflows automatic, e.g. active and passive invoicing, payment reminders, management of contractual deadlines, with relative integration in the different company departments, also with the Headquarters and international offices.

Value Delivered

Increased corporate profitability by making value procedures more efficient.

RPA to fuel your digital workforce

A platform that combines two integrated software, applying AI to RPA combined with Machine Learning, to revolutionize Business Process Management.