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Technical documentation management

After a selection process which lasted over a year and involved all major international technology vendors, Ethymo® was chosen as an Insight Engine for his drilling department.

The rollout of Ethymo® on all vessels will grant access in real time to a hybrid documents system, centralized on a local private cloud «on Edge», automatically synchronized with the centralized system.

Problem Statement

Provide the company with a specific search engine for the many types of technical documents available in the company, able to quickly retrieve and share relevant company information.

Value Delivered

The tool is very easy to use, fast and efficient: it makes the relevant information sought available in real time and even in extreme operating conditions

The specific company know-how is enhanced and shared, made available also and above all to the younger and less experienced operators in the company, for urgent and extraordinary interventions, or for ordinary or preventive maintenance.

RPA to fuel your digital workforce

A platform that combines two integrated software, applying AI to RPA combined with Machine Learning, to revolutionize Business Process Management.